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Community supported agriculture


We believe in a food system where producer and consumer are more closely connected so that we can build a fairer system.


Besides ensuring a season long supply of delicious and nutritious vegetables, you help to spread the risks of agriculture more evenly between farmer and customer. Being part of a CSA-scheme includes paying the season upfront, which provides producers with the necessary funds to start the season while as a consumer you don’t need to worry any longer about where to source vegetables that are produced with love and care for both people and planet.

Beyond the benefits of the upfront payment, the flexibility of the box contents makes it easier to cope with unforeseen events. For example, if there are pest attacks, storms or anything else that damages the harvest, we will replace items in the box with other vegetables that are ready that week. On the other hand, if there is an overload of harvest of a specific crop, it means each member receives a bigger quantity of that crop. In short, both risks and benefits are shared equally between farmer and customer!

As a customer, you know that you are guaranteed a box of vegetables that ensures a diverse diet each week. You no longer have the pressure of having to choose what to buy each week - we take care of designing a colourful and exciting harvest for you!


What We Offer

There are between 6-8+ different vegetables in the box each week and the box contents will change throughout the season.

We offer one size box, which supplies weekly vegetables for a small household (3-4 people). For students/low-income households we provide a discounted price, though there is only a limited amount of boxes available at this price.

To open up more student/low-income shares, we are offering solidarity shares as of this year. Buying a solidarity share, allows us to open up another student/low-income share. For more information, please check the sign-up form.


We also encourage you to share a subscription with a friend if you are worried that you can’t commit to picking up a box every week or you feel like the box is too big in size. You can also fill out your information in our "Share a Share Forum" to find someone to share your box with.


An exciting addition this year will be the flower subscriptions.

Subscribe to a weekly luscious bouquet, with carefully selected, local flowers,

without any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.


Each bouquet includes 15+ stems. 

Spring Onion

Pricing (20 weeks, inCL. VAT)


  • Regular box (3+ people): 6400 kr/season (320 kr/week)

  • Student/low-income box (3+ people): 5120 kr/season (256kr per week)

  • Flower subscription* (1 bouquet): 2250 kr/season (125 kr/week)

* the flower subscription is 18 weeks and will start 2 weeks after the first CSA pick-up


Pick-up day & TIME


Farm                                 16:00 - 17:30

Lund                                  16:15 - 16:45

Malmö                               17:45 - 18:15


Farm                                16:00 - 17:30

Malmö                              17:00 - 17:30


Farm                                 16:00-17:30

Disclaimer: A limited amount of spots is available for pick-up in Malmö and Lund. If you want to be secure a spot, sign up as soon as possible!


This year we will have three pick-up locations

The Farm

We are located just a 5-minute cycle from SLUs campus:

Malmövägen 3A-5,

230 53 Lomma


Navet, Segepark

Tekla Thomassonsgata 15

212 24 Malmö



Spolegatan 5

222 20 Lund

Tomatillo Plant
Let's start this season together
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