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Community supported agriculture


We believe in a food system where producer and consumer are more closely connected so that we can build a fairer system.


By investing in a CSA share, you help to spread the risks of agriculture more evenly between farmer and customer. Beyond the benefits of the upfront payment, the flexibility of the box contents makes it easier to cope with unforseen events.


If there are pest attacks, storms or anything else that damages our harvest, we have the right to replace items in the box with other vegetables that are harvestable that week.

As a customer, you know that you are guaranteed a box of vegetables that ensures a diverse diet each week. Our customers love that they no longer have the pressure of having to choose what to buy each week - we take care of designing a colourful and exciting harvest for you.

What We Offer

There are between 5-7 different vegetables in the box each week and the box contents will change throughout the season.


You can choose a regular box (3+ pers.) or student (3+ pers.) depending on your profession.


We also encourage you to share a subscription with a friend if you are worried that you can’t commit to picking up a box every week! We have a "Share a Share Forum"

Spring Onion

Pricing (15 weeks, inlc. MOMs)


  • Regular box (3+ people): 288 kr/week (4,320 kr)

  • Student box (3+ people): 245kr per week (3,675kr) 


Pick-up TIME


16:00 - 17:30



We are located just a 5 minute cycle from SLU campus:

Malmövägen 3A-5,

230 53 Alnarp

Tomatillo Plant
Let's start this season together
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