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Prices (incl. MOMS, 12%):

Student box (1-2 people)

150kr per week - 3,360 kr per season

Regular box (1-2 people)

180kr per week - 4,032 kr per season

Large box (3+ people)

250kr per week - 5,600 kr per season

Please read the CSA information document to learn about what subscribing to a weekly veggie box entails:



If you are uncertain about the box size or the payment, please contact us at


CSA subscription

Box size

If you are able to pay in one installment, we really encourage you to do so. The major benefit of a CSA scheme is that the farm receives income at the start of the season so that it can make all of the investments it needs throughout the season. It would really help us if those who are able to pay upfront do so :)


Terms and conditions

  1. There will not be the option to pause boxes over your holidays. We encourage you to organise for a friend to pick up on your behalf if you go on holiday - just let us know who is coming for you. 

  2. If you have to miss a week and don’t organise for a friend to come, you will miss that box and no refunds will be available. 

  3. If you have to miss a box and don’t have someone coming on your behalf, let us know a minimum of 24 hours in advance. This is so that we don’t over-harvest and waste vegetables. 

  4. Alnarp’s Farm reserves the right that the dates and extent of deliveries may change due to weather conditions, possible pests or plant diseases that may affect the number of delivery dates, supply and harvest time of vegetables.

  5. If you have chosen to pay in two installments, the deadline for the second payment is 1st August 2022. 

  6. Paying in two installments does not mean that you have the option to cancel half way through. This contract is to sign up for the whole 20-week season and we do not offer shorter subscriptions.

Thanks for Signing up with us!

You will shortly receive an email with the payment info (check your spam folder if you don't receive it!) :)

We have unfortunately reached our maximum capacity! Send us an email to if you want to be added to the waiting list! Thank you for your support :)

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